Yellowstone Insider for Families - eBook Edition
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Yellowstone Insider for Families - eBook Edition

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This eBook is the perfect tool for planning the perfect family trip to Yellowstone National Park. With a little planning and guidance from Yellowstone Insider for Families, parents can map out a visit built around family-friendly activities. 

Yellowstone Insider for Families, from the editors of the popular website, covers all the ins and outs of family travel in America's First National Park. Designed to be used on the go, this eBook answers your questions about Yellowstone travel with families, allowing you to build a trip echoing a different time in American history. What are the must-do Yellowstone activities for kids? What thermal areas are best suited for strollers and youngsters? How do you structure a Yellowstone tour in this age of digital entertainment and devices?

With Yellowstone Insider for Families, readers can map out the perfect Yellowstone trip with toddlers in tow and strollers in the truck. Between lists of stroller-friendly thermal areas, hotel rooms best suited for kids, and family-appropriate restaurants and entertainments, Yellowstone Insider for Families will guide you through the planning process and highlight where to stay, concessionaire and NPS activities for families, best spots for a family meal, and best geyser basin itineraries for those traveling with strollers and young ones.

Yellowstone National Park may not be the most obvious destination for today’s wired family – after all, there are no televisions or swimming pools in the Park, and there is very limited telephone or WiFi service. But this simplicity may just be what today’s family needs. As the author writes:

“Yellowstone National Park is rich with potential and splendor. And for children, as well as adults, Yellowstone can be a veritable wonderland. It is one of the most exciting and spectacular spots in the world, less a place to visit than a place to engage. A Yellowstone vacation is not one to passively experience but actively enjoy.”

Yellowstone Insider for Families focuses on the following topics:

  • Best lodging and dining options for families, complete with prices and status as of 2018
  • Activities geared toward kids, including the Wildlife Olympics and Junior Ranger programs
  • Top 10 selfie spots
  • Top 10 thermal features for kids, including some off-the-beaten-path stunners
  • Gateway Cities and their family-friendly offerings
  • Ranger Programs
  • Best of the Yellow Bus Tours

In this third edition of Yellowstone Insider for Families, you'll see the following new and expanded chapters:

  • Top 10 hiking trails for parents and kids
  • The best ways to travel to Yellowstone: planes, trains and automobiles
  • Expanded guides to Gateway Cities
  • A new chapter on Grand Teton National Park

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